Service Overview

Relocating to another country with a pet can be very challenging and stressful both for the owner and the pet. The procedure and paper work to move your pets can be cumbersome and complicated.

At Vimpack Relocations we have been done Pet Relocation for many years. Our Pet Relocation specialists take care and ensure a hassle free move for your pet whether your Pet Relocation with you or alone.


Services Included !

  • Manufacturing or arranging Kennels as per IATA regulations
  • Arranging all necessary veterinary health examinations
  • Providing useful tips to pet owners to prepare the pet for transit
  • Coordinating with airlines and booking the pet on the best available route
  • Door to Door moving of your pet
  • Round the clock support when pet is in transit
  • Obtaining quarantine approvals from government authorities
  • Arranging Titer Test from an EU approved lab